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After-sales service

After-sales service


Commissioning and operation
1. Please check before commissioning for the first time:
2. Make sure that the wiring complies with the manual and electrical regulations.
3. Make sure that all bolts are tightened without looseness.
4. Confirm that the interface is not loose.
5. Check all protection devices.
6. Ensure that the conveyor is in the danger zone.
Connect the cable according to the instructions, turn on the power, pay attention to the LED light flashing, and continue after confirming that it is correct. If it is internal speed control, turn the knob to the first gear and observe whether it is operating normally. After normal, it can be adjusted to the high gear.

Measures in case of accident or failure
1. Immediately stop the conveyor and turn off the power supply.
2. In the event of an accident, take first aid measures and call the emergency number.
3. Check the manual.
4. Notify relevant personnel and ask professionals to troubleshoot.

Abnormal use, man-made damage or disassembly are not covered by the warranty. Maintenance and inspection
1. Just after turning off the power (within 30 seconds), do not touch the connecting terminals of the driver card, which may cause electric shock due to residual voltage. 2. Regularly check whether the drive card and wires are damaged.
3. Check the driver card once a year.

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